DIVINA ENEMA "Under Phoenix Phenomenon" // MHP LIS. 001

Title: “Under Phoenix Phenomenon”
Release date (worldwide): July 2003
Cat No: Licensed from Great White North Records/ Canada
Formats: CD
Price: Mid Price
Running Time 71 min.
Barcode: RK2VN001

Overview: DIVINA ENEMA is a band for a minority as their music is a partly quite abstract version of Gothic Metal, with influences from Folk, Black Metal. Musically DIVINA ENEMA combine Gothic Metal with very different elements and mix these in a quite original, partly also pretty abstract way, which will make it very hard to digest for most people, despite the at times very accessible passages. So we get lots of breaks, influences from Progressive Metal, Death Metal, some Black Metal, Folk, Elektronik and even more, partly changing very abruptly, keeping the songs very unpredictable at all times, but at the same time also keeping up the tension, letting the borders between the genres blur. As rough description, take Progressive Avantgarde Folk Gothic Rock Metal...

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Album is based upon a pretty far out concept about a man, who starts to hear voices from within himself and see shapes of fabulous creatures, which try to tell him something.

1. Vision I: Midnight Horror Factory
2. Vision II: A Handful of Hay
3. Vision III: …Of Day And Funeral To Come
4. Vision IIII: P.C. Larvae
5. Vision V: Iron Megaira
6. Vision VI: Demon Mastery Top Level
7. Vision VII: The Face Of Oranus
8. Vision VIII: No Corpse - No Funeral
9. Vision VIIII: God Bless You, Bastards!
10. Vision X: Total Core Melting
11. Vision XI: Impure Concord
12. Vision XII: Fee Nicks Fen' Omen On:

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Contact address: yaroslav@divinaenema.com