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Artist:  SEMARGL
Title: Attack on God"
Cat No: MHP 05-034
Formats: CD
Price: Normal Price
Running Time 45:05 min.
Barcode: 050757

The name of band based on Slavonic mythology describes Slav goddess of earth, fertility, fatum. The winged dog is SEMARGL, the defender of crops (like Senmurv of Persian mythology). Band perform monolith antichristian black/death metal on high speed of playing with various styled vocals from brutal and guttural to screaming and very harsh black metal vokills. Music parts of SEMARGL are very different too. Its varied from fast but melodic and atmospheric black metal to very massive brutal death metal. Also absolutely tremendous crystal sound recorded by Slawek & Woitek Wieslawski from famous and well known Hertz Studio (Hell Born, Decapitated etc).

Consumer ads to run in: M-Magazine, Dark City & many more. Hundreds of fanzines & magazines will also be included in the advertising and reviewing attack. Tons of Flyers spreading around the World! Promotional copies are available upon request. An extensive internet marketing campaign will be put into action including mp3 downloads and a huge push at

 Produced by SEMARGL. Engineered and mixed by Slawek & Woitek Wieslawski Recorded at Hertz Studio, Bialystok (Poland), May, 2004.  Mastered by W. Wieslawski at Hertz Studio, June, 2004
 Band ideology based on satanic propaganda and misanthropy of self-development - Just like three striking swords: PRIDE, EGOISM, INDIVIDUALITY.
 SEMARGL are one of the best new-comers from Ukrainian black metal scene!

01. Renunciation of God
02. Pure Hatred
03. Technology of Baphomet
04. God-Crushing Hammer
05. Falling
06. Jesus - Insect
07. Sign of Chosen Names
08. The Cut up Dream

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