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Releases » PAGAN REIGN Spark of Glory and Revival of Ancient Greatness // MHP 04-022 CD

Title: "Spark of Glory and Revival of Ancient Greatness"
Cat No: MHP 04-022
Formats: CD
Price: Mid Price
Running Time 41:48 min.
Barcode: SAPCD012

The 2nd album of this pagan squad from the north of Russia is more considered, conceptual and serious way of realisation of personal perception of ancestral memory then previous work.  The arranges are complex with lots of secondary disseminations. This work suits for pagan metal, because only vocal of black remained. Pagan Reign are not dark paganists, but more Sun-worshippers, as their ancestors were. The melodies have lots of intros and unexpected inflammatory passages from intense to calm rhythms. Sounds of little bells add some atmosphere, and there are some other atmosphere Russian sounds I'm unable to name. Vocalist Orey toils in some variations - screaming, low growls and clean peculiar to pagan metal voice. There's also some of female vocal. All above-mentioned merits allow me to mark the "Otbleski Slavy I Vozrozhdenie Bylogo Velichia" with top mark.

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 The style has remained same as first demo, however, music became more diverse, with an abundance slavic melodies.
 Recorded in Famous CDM Records, produced by Lazar!
 Russian pagan lyric

TRACKLISTING (in English, originally into Russian!):
1. To the Darkness of Centuries
2. Wind to the Past
3. Array
4. Immortaly Tribe
5. Kupala
6. Spilled Blood
7. Keeper of Antiquity
8. Sorrow
9. Pagan Reign
10. Raising Hands to the Sky

Web page:
Contact address: Russia, Tver-43, 170043, p.o. box 4305.

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