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Releases » SMIRNOFF "The Deadly Return" // MHP 03-019

Title: УThe deadly returnФ
Release date (worldwide): September 2003
Cat No: MHP 03-019
Formats: CD
Price: Mid Price
Running Time 42 min.
Barcode: UL031168


Overview: Nnew album of death grind band from Germany! The music of Smirnoff is a great combination of brutal and powerful death metal, catchy crust core parts, and blasting grind core fragments! May be slightly similar to another great band Ц Macabre! Smirnoff is more than Vodka!!!

Consumer ads to run in: M-Magazine, Dark City, Terroraiser (Ukraine), Hatross, Fatal Forum & many more. Hundreds of fanzines & regionals will also be included in the advertising and reviewing attack. Tons of Flyers spreading around the World! Promotional copies are available upon request. An extensive Internet marketing campaign will be put into action including mp3 downloads and a huge push at

- Third CD in discography after 2 years of silence!
- Great sound of "Rape of Harmonies" Studio in Triptis, sound engineered by Ralf Muller and P.W.Engel.
- Massive live support in Germany for this album! Many concerts and live shows in other parts of Europe with Lividity, Damnable, Sanity Dawn, Ill disposed, Polymorph, Cock Dogs, etc.

1. Intro
2. Dead without skull pal
3. The Deadly Return
4. Tormented but alive
5. Blinded by the history
6. Jailbreak
7. Lies
8. Blood runs endlessly
9. Never ending suffering
10.  Killing without warning
11.  Lying in Chains
12. Thoughts of a mentally deranged
13.  24 hours to die
14.  Open graves
15.  DonТt turn your back
16.  The last piece

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