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Releases » THERM.EYE.FLAME "Spherical" // MHP 03-017

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Title: Spherical
Release date (worldwide): June 2003
Cat No: MHP 03-017
Formats: CD
Price: Mid Price
Running Time 36 min.
Barcode: 031021

Overview: The stylistic definition of music played by Therm. Eye. Flame i.e. Modernized Black metal may recall some people a new-fashioned symbiosis of various music supports. In fact M.B.M. is just a simplification of stylistic classification. SPHERICAL confessing orthodox, in some places minimalistic, depressive Black Metal with harsh screams in tradition of old school, with rather slight and mystical shape of sympho and noise/ Finally youll hear very original manner of performance of Black metal and interesting, qualitatively recorded material.

Consumer ads to run in: M-Magazine, Dark City, Terroraiser (Ukraine), Hatross, Fatal Forum & many more. Hundreds of fanzines & regionals will also be included in the advertising and reviewing attack. Tons of Flyers spreading around the World! Promotional copies are available upon request. An extensive internet marketing campaign will be put into action including mp3 downloads and a huge push at

- CD also supplied with video for the track cycle fourth_Sphere.T from the same album
- SPHERICAL will fall upon your head six conception connected tracks with the total time of 36 minutes.
- THERM. EYE. FLAME is the band of Art. Flash ex member of brutal death metal band Dr. Faust!

1. ycle first_Between life and dream
2. ycle second_Threshold
3. ycle third_Waking the creatures
4. ycle fourth_Sphere T.
5. ycle fifth_Sphere S.
6. ycle sixth_Kind of a planet by eyes of souls

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