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Releases » MIND ECLIPCE "Chaos Chronicles" // MHP 03-015/WE002

Title: Chaos Chronicles
Release date (worldwide): 25 March 2003
Cat No: MHP 03-015/WE002
Formats: CD
Price: Normal Price
Running Time 51:25 
Barcode: A23087

Overview: New album of black metal band from ancient Russian lands! This band creates a great music style for total sound Armageddon. The stuff combines fast black metal riffing and battle screams with catchy death metal carcass! Be sure this music impresses all metal maniacs. Mind Eclipse plays fast, technical, aggressive black-death metal with small touch of gloomy melodic. Its real Chaos Chronicles!

Consumer ads to run in: M-Magazine, Dark City, Terroraiser (Ukraine), Hatross, Fatal Forum & many more. Hundreds of fanzines & regionals will also be included in the advertising and reviewing attack. Tons of Flyers spreading around the World! Promotional copies are available upon request. An extensive internet marketing campaign will be put into action including mp3 downloads and a huge push at

 Really massive gig support in Russia.
 Great sound production of Navaho hut Studio/ Moscow (T.H.R.O.N., Grenouer, Mangler etc.)
 Great reviews from metal magazines and e-zines:
- M-Magazine 9/10
- Metal Kings 4/5 (read this one  below)
- Musica Mustdie  8/10
- Fatal Forum 9/10

1. Dementia
2. Looking The Chaos Within
3. Reckoning Infinity
4. Baltazar's Feast
5. Martyr Of The Sky
6. The Unanimated
7. Ethereal Traveler
8. Legacy Of Cain

Look band web page-

Contact address of Mind Eclipse:

Review from "Metalkings" e-zine(, January 2003
4 of 5 

When I heard the intro to the new album of this Yaroslavl -based act the first word that crossed my mind was 'creepy' - for creepy it truly is. You may also develop the epithet to spine-twisting and goose bump-giving or probably even creep-giving - the essence would still remain the same. I mean I did catch myself peeking unconsciously into the dark corners of the room as I was listening to it. But let us get to the album though. The first thing that needs to be pointed out is the excellent sound quality (which the band is eternally grateful for to Arkady Navaho). No, really, seriously the sound rules so much that even those parts, which under other circumstances I would have most likely called dull and boring, start to sound pretty cool and interesting (a notice to the band: hey guys, Arkady does deserve yet another case of beer from me personally). The musical material too, as it seems to me, has undergone some serious improvements compared to the band's previous effort, becoming more diverse, dense and, for lack of a better word, pronounced. This way or other, this time I really cannot come up with any suitable musical comparison for Mind Eclipse which in itself is already a very good sign.

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