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Releases » CAPITOLIUM Seraphims Lair // MHP 04- 029 CD

Artist:  Capitollium
Title: Seraphims Lair
Release date (worldwide): November 2004
Cat No: MHP 04-029
Formats: CD
Price: Mid Price
Running Time 51:15 min.
Barcode: UL043369


Capitollium offer melodic, the keyboards dominate epic black metal something that can be done by one-man-bands. There is clever orchestration here done by the keyboards which are the center of the music here while the guitars interact creating powerful riffs that give aggression to the music. Guitars are in the 2nd ground but listenable quality is fine. This contrast between raw guitars and orchestration is essential here to show the duality of Capitolliums music, sometimes more aggressive, sometimes heavier, sometimes more climatic. The vocals are twisted and full of rage as this style must have.  The sound is raw on the guitars and drums and more polished on the keyboards.

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- Capitollium is a one-man-band created by St. Julius. The historical concept of the st. Julius name is based on four real personages. The life of these people was constantly connected with art, creative activity and philosophy. Three of them were popes. Their personages are a prototype of the visual presentation st. Julius. The Fourth - a roman emperor.
- The Second album after debut CD "Symphony of Possession" which was released in March 2004 by Oupiric productions and got some good reviews worldwide.
- Music style is similar to such black metal Gods as Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir but more atmospheric and keyboard based.
- Lyrical conceptions are based on anti Christian ideas and present something like a grotesque to official Catholic Church!

1. Proclamation of the End   7:54
2. Seraphims Lair 5:43
3. The Sacral Dimensions 6:28
4. Where I Wept   4:39
5. Entanglements of Faith   4:45
6. Lunacy as a Gift of Prosperity 6:42
7. Seventh Oath of the Cursed   7:04
8. Entering the Gates of Flesh 7:41

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