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Dead Souls (
L.I.G.O (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Interferometer) are an interesting death metal(ish) proposition, which was introduced to me by Skip from Black Minds 'zine. The band members of L.I.G.O have taken pseudonyms from scientists and others of a high intellectual pedigree, and I'm pretty sure they'd look silly if it wasn't for the liberal use of irony throughout No One Safe. The band use a scientific style to analyze and provoke in their lyrics, which are well written and certainly suit the abstract characteristics of the music.
And the music itself is certainly very unique and interesting; you'll probably know from listening to the first ten seconds of this CD as to whether you like it or not.  L.I.G.O are heavy, they are brutal, but also very technical and complex; having said that there is not a single guitar solo on this album... Which, in my opinion is a good thing; L.I.G.O use their ability to form a promulgation of riffs into a veritable battering ram of sound that twists and turns so quickly it's hard to keep up with it. Think about how a shark, when caught, struggles frantically to free itself , without regard for anyone who might get in it's way. Well, that's sort of how L.I.G.O sound. A violent, epileptic seizure of sound. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but if you want something challenging and sophisticated within the realms of extreme metal, then I can't recommend this highly enough. Truly one of a kind. It has been announced that Russian label More Hate will be releasing this later in 2004. Labels interested in releasing the bands second album (titled Handle Your Business) get in touch with either the band or myself, as I have some promos of No One Safe here to give away.

Pull the Chain (
L.I.G.O.    No One Safe
 This is quite easy to guess this encounter of musicians as a band with a slightly different bent, you shouldotherwise they probably wouldnt arm themselves with a moniker as L.I.G.O. which stands for Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Interferometer. This extreme metal band (at least musically) come from Krasnodar (somewhere in the south Russia). Death metal? Well, that was surely the original matrix of L.I.G.O. but judging from the seven tracks recorded here, theres no much left of it. Most of the song structures are really complex and this makes No One Safe very unpredictable in general and its access isnt really easy. At first, most of the themes recorded here may sound as noisy / chaotic long tracks but after several careful listens, No One Safe reveal some of its secrets. L.I.G.O. possess what I would label as a very Dillinger Escape Plans feeling (even if both acts can absolutely not be compared). The band special trademark also relies on those exhaustive (completely insane) vocal works that easily attract most of the listeners attention (Vagina Dentata for instance). No One Safe lacks a little bit towards the end but its still an interesting / original release.



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