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INTRODUCING BIOGRAPHY of  L.I.G.O. (LIGO means Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Interferometer)

L.I.G.O. (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Interferometer) is an extreme metal band from Krasnodar (South Russia) formed back in 2003 by a group of musicians seeking to play a quintessence of metal music genres. The bands lyrics, essentially compilative, too, mainly addresses the simple yet inexhaustible concepts like inter- and parapersonal interaction between human beings along with such everlasting constants as life and death. L.I.G.O. members have no illusions as to the fate of mankind and make no secret of this scepticism of theirs. However, they do their best not to be slaves to the misanthropic stereotypes that dominate most metal bands lyrics.  Making an evident emphasis on scientific terminology, L.I.G.O. wishes to make yet another step away from the clichés the extreme music is invariably associated with. At times, scientific vocabulary becomes excessive, yet the band does not fear this would make them look grotesque. On the contrary, the musicians are 100% sure L.I.G.O. will only benefit from being self-ironic as opposed to other metal bands that tend to be too serious when addressing philosophical subjects.
In 2003, the band completed a 4-track promo album Singularity (MCD-R, self-prod, not for sale) featuring an epic title track Singularity followed by a shorter yet no less impressive song called Thief. The promo enjoyed favorable coverage in metal music media (Black Minds / and Under Black Water / webzines, Dark City magazine / In Spring 2004, L.I.G.O. recorded and mixed the bands debut full-length album No One Safe featuring five brand new tracks (including a King Crimson cover song Three of a Perfect Pair) plus the fully re-recorded promo CD material. After sending out promo CDs to various addresses, the band ended up signing to Russias best underground label More Hate Productions for their debut CD release both in Russia and abroad. The album was released in November. As far as Singularity is concerned, releasing this mini-album is not a top priority at the moment.
At the present moment, L.I.G.O. is working on the second full-length album named Handle Your Business. Record session is scheduled for early 2005. As mentioned before, L.I.G.O. is a side project formed by members of well-known underground bands. However, they would rather prefer to postpone disclosing their real names till later. This would allow avoiding unnecessary comparisons, as L.I.G.O. has nothing to do with these bands in terms of the music they play.

Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (L.I.G.O) line-up:
 Stephen Vivid Incarnation of Human-Machine Interface Hawking - Synthesized Broadcasts of Prophecies and Revelations
 Edwin Telescopic Explorer of the Horizons Hubble - Unobstructed rendering of axiomatic fundamentals
 Albert Exiled Dreamer of the Impossible Einstein - DAFCGC beyond the light speed limits
 Jocelyn Sidereal Low Frequencies Master Bell - Congruent pulsation of critical masses
 Robert Lord of the Fate of Mortals, the Exalted One Oppenheimer - Chain reaction of nuclear blast beats

Promo CD-R 2003 Singularity (Mini album for promo purposes only)
1. Nuclear Silence I   0.42
2. Singularity   11.56
3. Thief   4.22
4. Nuclear Silence II   0.42

CD 2004 No One Safe More Hate Productions/ Russia

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