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MORE HATE Productions is an underground label dedicated to extreme metal music, as black metal and death metal. MORE HATE Productions was founded in 1999 by members of ROSSOMAHAAR band: Alex Kantemirov and Sergey Lazar for self publishing of first album Imperium Tenebrarum, which had a great response in underground metal scene worldwide. Soon Alex found that using our contacts we can do some promotion help for other bands we know. So many good albums of Russian metal bands were released under flag of MORE HATE Productions since 1999 to nowadays. The main goal of MORE HATE to present and promote the most interesting and heaviest Russian metal bands. Support metal music in any forms is a main aim of our company.  MORE HATE is also a distribution company which gives an opportunity to all unknown bands present their works in our mail-order!

BANDS: We search for ORIGINAL bands in black metal, death metal, grind core. Send us your demo tapes and CDs and contact us for promotion and possible releases.

LABELS & DISTRIBUTORS: Welcome for wholesales prices! Trades are acceptable too!

ZINES, RADIO-STATIONS: We are very interested in any form of cooperation, get in touch!

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